Water Supply – Rural “Soup to Nuts” Course


The task of making water supply at a fire is vital. Without sufficient water supply, fire suppression tasks are futile and dangerous. This class will cover all the basics of:

  • Rural Water Supply
  • Tanker Ops
  • Drafting

As well as more tools for your box related to :

  • Tank Water / Drop Tank water transfers
  • Tanker Fill – rates, lines, pressures, etc.
  • Drop Tank – uses, set up & placement
  • “Through the Hole”
  • Jet Siphon
  • Turbo Draft
  • Single Lane Ops

This is a must have for new and seasoned Tanker Operators to give them the skills and confidence to get and keep water in some of the most challenging situations.


All Firefighters and Tanker Operators

Course Length:

Three (3) hours

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