The “Ladies Only Training Series”



An exciting opportunity for our female firefighters to work together, network and get more hands on time with specific fire and rescue skills. Offered a few times per year at regional training sites, or brought directly to your department, the “Ladies Only Training Series” is a great day of real world training for our current and next generation of female firefighters.

The “Ladies Only Training Series” will combine team building exercises into fire and rescue training and will cover topics many female firefighters have said they wish they could get more hands on time with. Each class will cover a specific topic, such as Search and Rescue and S.C.B.A. skills, Rope Rescue, Extrication and others.


Female Firefighters and Officers

Course Length:

One day

Don’t see what you are looking for? Request a course topic and our instructors will design a course with your needs in mind. Contact us today, and tell us what you would like to see.

Wow!  I took the rope rappelling class yesterday with all Ladies and it was awesome.  Tom is a great teacher and took all the fear away.  I can’t wait until the next class.  Thank you Tom!

Tina Epp, Ovid Fire Dept.