Large Area Search Course



The ability to safely search large, wide open areas has plagued fire departments for years. Searching for fire, victims or downed firefighters in these spaces is difficult at best. Gymnasiums, churches, grocery stores, car dealerships, bowling alleys, and malls are only some of the obstacles that your department may face. To better equip the fire service, we offer this intense fire ground training for Interior Firefighters that includes:

  • Tag Line searches
  • Firefighter Rescue
  • Use of Thermal Imaging Cameras (T.I.C.)

Students must be capable of wearing SCBA and possess a current medical clearance for SCBA use.


Interior Firefighters, FAST/RIT members, Line Officers


Firefighter 1 or equivalent (Students need to bring SCBA and spare bottle)

Course Length:

Eight (8) hours

…When he [Meridian] offered up the Large Area Search Class, to meet the obvious need for this specialized training, I immediately signed up my entire FAST team to take the class. After an entire day of training my firefighters walked away dog tired but smiling and patting each other on the back for doing so well by the end of the day…

George Tamborelle

Cayuga Heights Fire Dept. Chief

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